July 27th, 2018 – This day goes to the birds

The Hummingbirds

There is a ruby throat hummingbird and a second one I am not sure if it is a juvenile or a different kind but I will find out for sure.  They are so fascinating to photograph and I love watching what these tiniest of birds can do and the behaviours that they demonstrate to me throughout the day.

The next series of birds is a little more dark in nature.  Earl and I came across a sky with over 50 vultures flying and circling about a farm or two in the area.  While trying to photograph them a huge Bald Eagle came flying and swooping – first in front of our car, then beside the outside of the passenger side of the care and when I got out to take his picture he was no more than 10 feet away from me.  True to my nature I had the wrong lens on my camera and missed it altogether. LOL  But the memory will always be imprinted in my mind.

Along the side road just ahead the vultures were settling in comfortably on some fences and lines close to the bard they were circling.  We got a few shot and did the best with the light that we had given us.


Also on this morning we saw a red tail hawk flying over us and I challenged Earl to try and take his picture in flight.  Well he rose to the occasion and we both compared notes after we got home.  Do not let anyone tell you that photographing birds and wildlife isn’t a hobby to encourage keeping fit.  It does indeed as we chase and follow the animals wherever they chose to have them follow them until we finally get our picture. LOL    We certainly do stay in shape in this manner.


Well now you have followed us on our escapades of our morning.  I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great day or evening my friends.

March 23rd, 2018n

Shutterdudette and her travelling companions


We got up about 7:00 am, had some breakfast, fed and watered the bird feeders and baths, had another coffee and while Earl walked the dogs I went back to bed for a little bit more sleep.

When I woke up I was getting some text messages from my friend Doug in Ecuador so we chatted for a little while and at the same time Earl and I were planning out are day and time to take pictures of the Milky Way as it presents itself here in Arizona.  Stellarium (a program that helps you navigate the skies and solar systems) told us that if the sky was clear tonight we would get our best pictures around 4:00 am but before sunrise of course.  As it turns out the heavens will be cloudy tonight so we will plan on it for tomorrow night.

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