March 27th, 2018


hieroglyphic-trail waterfall

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This was the inspiration for completing our 3 mile hike up the Superstition Mountain Range on the HIEROGLYPHIC-TRAIL today.

After researching this destination Earl suggested that we take this moderately difficult trail today complete with Casey and Finnigan, a packed lunch, lots of water (for us and the dogs), and all of our camera gear.  After misplacing my quick release strap for Canon camera we had to detour to a camera shop in Phoenix to get myself another one.  

Arriving at our GPS guided destination we found a locked gate, a sign stating the trail was closed and ran over a huge rock (no damage to the car) a huge new high end luxury homes sub division was built where the trail used to be.  Lucky for us we decided to scout around to see what was there and we located a new road posted with clear signs directing us to the new parking lot at the bottom of the mountain we would be attempting to climb.

A couple of places along the trail were gated (mostly for livestock) and we had a bit of trouble convincing Finnigan to make the jump above the bar so he chose to go under it (yup, that is our boy.

Once the gate was safely closed behind us we made our way up the Hieroglphic-trail and on our way to find the springs we read about.

We were not a half a mile up yet and our muscles were “screaming” at us “WHAT – WE ARE DOING THIS AGAIN TODAY” – ARE WE CRAZY”.  Earl and I looked at each other, took a deep and cleansing breath and continued on.

To make a long story short we were very happy that we did and proud once again of this physical accomplishment.  Hiking is a new activity we’ve built into our lives now that we are fully retired and have to time to travel and experience the world from a different and celestial point of view (from on top of the world looking down).

We met so many new people both on the way up and on the way down and we were thankful for the opportunity to catch our breath while everyone took time to meet and visit and but scratch Casey and Finnigan.  It is so apparent the impact that animals have on we humans.  There is a calmness and a satisfaction that comes with hugging and loving our pets.

Casey and Finnigan had never been hiking (never walking more than a half hour at a time and never on such a steep slope) and in this next image they seem to be asking us “WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING – ARE YOU SERIOUS?”


I just love Finnigan’s smile and Casey’s look of curiosity and astonishment. LOL

When we got to the top of the mountain – well not really the top but where we were heading anyway I was a bit surprised because the image I saw gave me the impression we would see a waterfall.  What I hadn’t realized was that happens in the spring when the rains occur and gently flow to the springs below.  But we did see a depression with water in the rocks.



In these images it is very difficult to see but you can spot a bit of it where all the people are walking about.

However we were very pleased to see the heirogryphics on the rocks.  There are so many places that indicate the native populations here in Arizona.

Earl took a few pictures of a squirrel like critter and some birds living in or around the caves.

I have so many beautiful pictures to show you so I will put it in a slideshow and you can view it if you wish to do so.

And of course he couldn’t resist taking pictures of me resting on the rocks while he made me nervous watching him climb higher on the mountain to get the perfect picture.  It was a nail biting experience for me.

We both took so many beautiful landscape and nature photographs – I mean a lot so I am putting them in this slide show that you can watch if you wish.  It is very worth it to experience the beauty of  the Superstition Mountain Range.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy!  I will see you again soon.

Big hugs everyone!