March 26th, 2018

A place we have come to love since we arrived here in Arizona.  We didn’t know it when we left Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada that this would become our home away from home, but it did.

Picacho Peak is a mountain very distinguishable from the many hundreds of mountains in this part of the world.  It seems that it doesn’t matter which direction we drive in, whether it be on highway 10, country roads, highway 8, from Phoenix or Tucson , Casa Grande, Eloy, Oro Valley or Arizona City, you can’t help but see this geological formation know as “PICACHO PEAK” and know you are close to home.


I’ve talked about the fields of Pecan trees the farmers work here in Arizona but there is something about them that command my attention as I pass them each and everyday.  The rows of tree are straight, organized and go on forever.  They invite me to walk among them but they are not open to the public.  The farmers and workers tend to these trees with loving care and definite attention to detail.  I am curious as to what crops the trees will protect as they are growing beneath their branches and above their roots.

I am fascinated by the irrigation systems used to keep these dry desert fields watered.

From what I understand the farmers flood pre-determined acres of pecan trees until they are about 6 feet deep in the soil.  Then they move to the next lot of acres.  They do this every two or three weeks depending on how hot and drenched the fields become.


I was practically standing on an awkward angle to take this image of the ditch/dyke/ or whatever else they call it but you see this cement  ditches all over the miles and miles of crop fields.


And this is what they look like after the pumps are turned on and the water had flowed and flooded them thoroughly.


I found this to be a beautiful area that shows how the valley is protected by the mountains and the desert is not always desolate and dry but green and fruitful.

Earl and I enjoy going out for drives along the country roads and off the main highways as we never ever know what interesting facts we will uncover or what things we will see and discover in the moment.

Well I will say goodnight my friends.  See you tomorrow.