January 4, 2018

Yesterday I found out that my eldest daughter Tara and her husband Chris will be hosting a “Retirement Party” for my husband Earl on February 1st, 2018.  Invitations have gone out to all our children and their spouses and all have replied to confirm they will be present to enjoy a lovely formal dinner and evening to celebrate Earl’s retirement from the County of Simcoe Children’s Aid Society.  Wow how proud can I be of everything he has accomplished through all of his years working for this agency.  We look forward to this time with great anticipation.

It is a very cold and some might say dangerously cold day outside.  So today I will start putting pen to table and listing the things I have already put aside to pack into the RV once it arrives here in our driveway.

Earl has been putting some time into assisting me in testing all the camera gear to make sure each piece is in full working order as we plan to take a whole lot of pictures on our trip.  I plan to do a variety of photography while away to share with all of you.  I think this afternoon I might test the remote set up in place for doing Macro photography on the raining days where I won’t be able to venture to far off.

Well I am glad to be sharing this post trip blog with you and hope you will continue to do so for the duration.  If you have any questions you can contact me by filling out the form bellows.