July 8th, 2018 Arrowhead Park at Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada

My daughter Tara, her husband Chris and both Earl and I decided that we needed a good day trip to mark the last day of Tara and Chris’ vacation.  So off we go (along with the four dogs Murphy, Bailey, Casey and Finnigan to have a lovely drive and once we arrive enjoy a great picnic lunch we had brought along.

We checked out the waterfalls where I proceeded to immediate slide down a pretty sloppy and slippery rock but a few people were watching closely ready to come to my rescue if necessary however it all turned out ok.


The above pictures were actually taken before arriving at our destination but we always enjoy stopping here and watching the trains go by above us.


We had a great day and wished it had been longer.  But Chris was cooking steaks for dinner so we had that to look forward to when we got back.