While at my nephew John Forget and his new wife Carrie-Ann’s destination wedding at The Riu Palace in Los Cabos, Mexico during the week of April 14th, 2018 I had an opportunity to speak with and photograph some vendors on the beach at the Riu Palace in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Most were so happy to share their stories with me and it was clear that most of them depend on their sales from long hours – morning, afternoon and early evening to provide for their families.

This is Alfredo Whitegloves.  He was more than happy to refer me to google where his name was on a Trip Advisor review.  He was most certainly a very personable gentlemen and proud of his craft.


The gentleman with the iguana wearing the Mexican sombrero earned his day’s pay by letting people pose with his little friend and  for a fee, leave with a picture of their experience.


The lovely fellow below had a great talent for carvings.  He took great pride in his art and I was very impressed with the quality of his work.



Some of the vendors had a fantastic sense of humor as I found in this man’s invitations to be photographed.  He was indeed a clown with a ability to make the visitors on the beach of Los Cabos laugh.  He sold cigars and was pretty successful at selling them to the gentlemen walking along the shoreline.



Everyone who visits Riu Palace probably will be in need of sunglasses and this vendor took the opportunity to sell his wares to whoever would strike a conversation with him.


Another important apparel on the beach is hats.  Big ones, small ones, colorful ones and something for everyone.  The gentlemen painstakingly worked on embellishing his hats as he rested while chatting with prospective buyers.


The children visiting Los Cabos were not forgotten.  They thoroughly enjoyed the kites, parachutes and other toys that this lovely lady demonstrated for them.


Many of the ladies along the beach took an interest in the beach covers and/or blankets wraps that they saw and where quite please to try a few and model them to help them decide which one they would purchase from this vendor.


A big draw to the beach was the hand carved.  hand painted and personaly signed bowls that this vendor was selling.  Many people were happy to purchase their favorites and bring them home as souvenirs or gifts for loved one as a keepsake of their visit to Los Cabos.


This fellow also made parachutes for children to fly.  They were very entertaining and kept the boys and girls occupied for hours.




These Mexican Sombreros where very popular on the beach here in Mexico and this lady had a huge variety of them


One of the most enjoyable experiences on the beach and a huge attraction was the horses.  A few men would bring their horses down to the beach in the early morning and would remain til the early evening.  The horses were so healthy and their owners would take turns bringing the back to the watering hole every hour to make sure they were well hydrated.  People were happy to pay the pride for a 5 minute ride along the ocean shoreline.


The gentlemen made personalized bracelets on the beach.  If he didn’t have the name you wanted he would take some time to prepare them with custom orders.


It was a privilege to have met all of these vendors and to hear their stories.  They work hard to earn a living and take such pride in their crafts.  I left feeling like I had made a few new friends and hope to meet them again some day.




April 3rd, 2018

Yesterday we made our way to Park City, Kentucky  KOA from the KOA in Memphis, Tennessee.  We had booked and planned to stay her until Thursday morning but someone knocked on our door to warn off of possible tornado warnings for the next day.  We finally made the decision to stay overnight, go to the Diamond Caverns in the morning and leave on April 4th for our return home to Ontario.

We had planned to also visit the Mammoth Caves nearby but when we went to buy our tickets we were informed that they were sold out and we would have to reserve for them several months in advance.  So we didn’t do that but we did find a quaint little buffet place along a country road where we stopped to have some lunch before our descend in the ground and into the cave.

We arrived at the Diamond Caverns Centre about 11:30 a.m. and had a bit of time to spare so we took a couple of pictures while we waited.208A1123-Edit



We had a young man as a guide around the caves and he was well informed and quite humorous as well.  After laying out some clear rules and do’s and do not’s about entering the caverns we set off on our way.   This isn’t our first time visiting caves but this one was very beautiful as well.


I haven’ t had time to edit most of them but here are a couple to show you here.

Well we are leaving early in the morning so I will say goodnight now.  See you soon!



April 1st, 2018

Wishing all my family and friends a very Happy Easter this morning.  It is our first family holiday away from all those who are important to us and let me tell you it makes you appreciate the kind, loving and caring people who make up a big part of your life.

Tara I was very happy to receive you Texts this morning…..your timing was so perfect and it put a smile on my heart and Kathleen and Rick dad and I are thinking about that delicious Easter Breakfast/Brunch you always put together so nicely.  Love you all.

Mom and dad it was so nice to hear your voice this morning mom.  You are so often on my mind when we are away from home and constantly wonder how you are both feeling and pray that God is taken care of you and keeping you safe and healthy.

Earl, Casey and Finnigan bought me an small Easter Bunny to enjoy later today.  Although we all have been eating healthier these days nothing will keep me away from that milk chocolate later this afternoon.

It is also April’s Fools Day but no one was around to pull pranks of any kind this morning.  Chris, I didn’t have to look over my shoulder when I woke up this morning – but I thought about it. LOL



As you may know we left Picacho Peak R.V. Park in Arizona bright and early on March 30th travelling towards our next destination – Mammoth R.V. Resort in Kentucky.   We had to say goodbye to some nice people we got acquainted with and who welcomed us with a smile and a few stories.  They became friends quite quickly and we look forward to meeting up with them all next year.  I didn’t get pictures of them but I did snap a shot of their home away from home in our Arizona neighbourhood. LOL


This is where Jan and Stew live from December through April and have done so for the past few years.


This beautiful motorhome if where a lovely couple (I forgot their names but it will come to me soon).  The volunteer at this KOA and in return they get to stay there free of charge and a few buck to top it off for all the help they give.  Also another very lovely couple I hoped to get to know better next year but I believe they will be moving on to another KOA elsewhere in the country.


This is where Phil (as we have come to know him) lives.  His wife has not yet retired but she drove up with him and returned home for the rest of the winter.  On Thursday she flew back in to drive back to there home with her husband.  Phil is a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and never does a day go by that he doesn’t take it out for a long drive up and down the side roads of Arizona — letting the wind blow through his hair and the sun brown the top of his head.  He has a love southern accent and we look forward to meeting up with him and his wife again next season.

We have gone through Arizona, crossed into Texas and went through a couple of time changes since then.  We have watched the desert fade away and watch the green grassy hills and the cattle, horses, alpacas, goats, sheep and even geese and turkeys grazing the lush pastures and waddling in the ponds.

The spring flowers in every color imaginable are  growing along the side of the highways shouting loud and clear that Spring has arrived.  We are surely blessed.

Going through Texas has been a wonderful experience.  I was ever so impressed with the Cities of Fort Worth and Dallas Texas.  There infrastructure engineering is outstanding and right in you face when driving through them on Interstate 30.  I took some pictures with my cell phone and I will post them a little later.

The first night on the road was spent in Vanhorn, Texas. We pulled in about supper time, watched some television for a while and then it was lights out for the night.  Got up early and we were back on the road for another day of travellingLast night we stopped at a Sam’s Club affiliated camp site name “Shady Lake R.V. Park.  We arrived just as sunset was setting in and I was able to grab the camera and take a picture or two before it set itself down.


Earl walked Casey and Finnigan around a bit for their last business of the day while I took a couple of pictures of some fenced in goats clearly asking for attention and maybe a snack or two.  They were very cute but noisy.



So it brings us to this morning.  Earl cleaned the windshield on the motorhome so the bugs would have nice clean glass to run into as they smack against it.  We did some routine preparations, set the radio up for great tunes to listen to while driving, got the computer ready to my time blogging for you all and after a cup of jo and a bite to eat we are back on the road again. (Sounds like a song I know). LOL

So this is all for now folks and I will catch up to you all later.





March 30th, 2018

Short and sweet tonight.  We spent the day cleaning everything and packing up the outdoor chairs, tarps, floors….bird feeders, and all sorts of other things.  We are ready to head back home towards Canada with a stop in Kentucky for a few days stay and maybe visit the Mammoth Caves while we are there.

Come in late tonight so this will be goodnight to all my friends and family.  Catch up to you another day soon.


March 27th, 2018


hieroglyphic-trail waterfall

Resource:  Internet

This was the inspiration for completing our 3 mile hike up the Superstition Mountain Range on the HIEROGLYPHIC-TRAIL today.

After researching this destination Earl suggested that we take this moderately difficult trail today complete with Casey and Finnigan, a packed lunch, lots of water (for us and the dogs), and all of our camera gear.  After misplacing my quick release strap for Canon camera we had to detour to a camera shop in Phoenix to get myself another one.  

Arriving at our GPS guided destination we found a locked gate, a sign stating the trail was closed and ran over a huge rock (no damage to the car) a huge new high end luxury homes sub division was built where the trail used to be.  Lucky for us we decided to scout around to see what was there and we located a new road posted with clear signs directing us to the new parking lot at the bottom of the mountain we would be attempting to climb.

A couple of places along the trail were gated (mostly for livestock) and we had a bit of trouble convincing Finnigan to make the jump above the bar so he chose to go under it (yup, that is our boy.

Once the gate was safely closed behind us we made our way up the Hieroglphic-trail and on our way to find the springs we read about.

We were not a half a mile up yet and our muscles were “screaming” at us “WHAT – WE ARE DOING THIS AGAIN TODAY” – ARE WE CRAZY”.  Earl and I looked at each other, took a deep and cleansing breath and continued on.

To make a long story short we were very happy that we did and proud once again of this physical accomplishment.  Hiking is a new activity we’ve built into our lives now that we are fully retired and have to time to travel and experience the world from a different and celestial point of view (from on top of the world looking down).

We met so many new people both on the way up and on the way down and we were thankful for the opportunity to catch our breath while everyone took time to meet and visit and but scratch Casey and Finnigan.  It is so apparent the impact that animals have on we humans.  There is a calmness and a satisfaction that comes with hugging and loving our pets.

Casey and Finnigan had never been hiking (never walking more than a half hour at a time and never on such a steep slope) and in this next image they seem to be asking us “WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING – ARE YOU SERIOUS?”


I just love Finnigan’s smile and Casey’s look of curiosity and astonishment. LOL

When we got to the top of the mountain – well not really the top but where we were heading anyway I was a bit surprised because the image I saw gave me the impression we would see a waterfall.  What I hadn’t realized was that happens in the spring when the rains occur and gently flow to the springs below.  But we did see a depression with water in the rocks.



In these images it is very difficult to see but you can spot a bit of it where all the people are walking about.

However we were very pleased to see the heirogryphics on the rocks.  There are so many places that indicate the native populations here in Arizona.

Earl took a few pictures of a squirrel like critter and some birds living in or around the caves.

I have so many beautiful pictures to show you so I will put it in a slideshow and you can view it if you wish to do so.

And of course he couldn’t resist taking pictures of me resting on the rocks while he made me nervous watching him climb higher on the mountain to get the perfect picture.  It was a nail biting experience for me.

We both took so many beautiful landscape and nature photographs – I mean a lot so I am putting them in this slide show that you can watch if you wish.  It is very worth it to experience the beauty of  the Superstition Mountain Range.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy!  I will see you again soon.

Big hugs everyone!



March 26th, 2018

A place we have come to love since we arrived here in Arizona.  We didn’t know it when we left Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada that this would become our home away from home, but it did.

Picacho Peak is a mountain very distinguishable from the many hundreds of mountains in this part of the world.  It seems that it doesn’t matter which direction we drive in, whether it be on highway 10, country roads, highway 8, from Phoenix or Tucson , Casa Grande, Eloy, Oro Valley or Arizona City, you can’t help but see this geological formation know as “PICACHO PEAK” and know you are close to home.


I’ve talked about the fields of Pecan trees the farmers work here in Arizona but there is something about them that command my attention as I pass them each and everyday.  The rows of tree are straight, organized and go on forever.  They invite me to walk among them but they are not open to the public.  The farmers and workers tend to these trees with loving care and definite attention to detail.  I am curious as to what crops the trees will protect as they are growing beneath their branches and above their roots.

I am fascinated by the irrigation systems used to keep these dry desert fields watered.

From what I understand the farmers flood pre-determined acres of pecan trees until they are about 6 feet deep in the soil.  Then they move to the next lot of acres.  They do this every two or three weeks depending on how hot and drenched the fields become.


I was practically standing on an awkward angle to take this image of the ditch/dyke/ or whatever else they call it but you see this cement  ditches all over the miles and miles of crop fields.


And this is what they look like after the pumps are turned on and the water had flowed and flooded them thoroughly.


I found this to be a beautiful area that shows how the valley is protected by the mountains and the desert is not always desolate and dry but green and fruitful.

Earl and I enjoy going out for drives along the country roads and off the main highways as we never ever know what interesting facts we will uncover or what things we will see and discover in the moment.

Well I will say goodnight my friends.  See you tomorrow.