November 19th, 2018


LOS CABOS DAY 1 (51)LOS CABOS DAY 1 (45)Heading out to Mexico

Well it’s been a long few months waiting to get back on the road and to travel again.  Since our last visit to Los Cabos in Mexico to attend our nephew and nieces’ wedding we have been plagued with a few medical ailments that have had us both in the hospital; undergoing MRI’s and many other tests.  Earl has undergone a  successful stint implant (after discovering a 99% blockage in his artery).  I have been hospitalized for pancreatitis; been keeping a close eye on a growing ovarian cyst (which is now the size of lemon but benign I’m happy to say; and also watching a breast growth and hoping to keep all this under control.  So you can see why we are anxious to get our travelling well on it’s way again.

We will be boarding our plane leaving Pearson International Airport early Thursday morning heading back to Los Cabos where we are looking forward to birding excursions, some ocean front time and lots and lots of sun.  The resort is near a quaint little Mexican town along that corridor and I hope to get a chance to take pictures of the people and their culture.  This little town rest in the valley between a mountain and the ocean.  Just beautiful.

So this is just to let you all know of our upcoming adventures and to keep you eyes open for our blog.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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