April 3rd, 2018

Yesterday we made our way to Park City, Kentucky  KOA from the KOA in Memphis, Tennessee.  We had booked and planned to stay her until Thursday morning but someone knocked on our door to warn off of possible tornado warnings for the next day.  We finally made the decision to stay overnight, go to the Diamond Caverns in the morning and leave on April 4th for our return home to Ontario.

We had planned to also visit the Mammoth Caves nearby but when we went to buy our tickets we were informed that they were sold out and we would have to reserve for them several months in advance.  So we didn’t do that but we did find a quaint little buffet place along a country road where we stopped to have some lunch before our descend in the ground and into the cave.

We arrived at the Diamond Caverns Centre about 11:30 a.m. and had a bit of time to spare so we took a couple of pictures while we waited.208A1123-Edit



We had a young man as a guide around the caves and he was well informed and quite humorous as well.  After laying out some clear rules and do’s and do not’s about entering the caverns we set off on our way.   This isn’t our first time visiting caves but this one was very beautiful as well.


I haven’ t had time to edit most of them but here are a couple to show you here.

Well we are leaving early in the morning so I will say goodnight now.  See you soon!



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Pauline Kelly

I am married to the man of my life and best friend Earl Kelly. Over the years I have had a lot of hobbies and interests but as of late it is photography and travelling that I have developed a passion for. It has been our dream to own a motorhome and travel around the world getting to see new places and meet new people and their cultures and create memories to last us a life time. So here I am creating this Blog/Website to give me a channel to share our experiences with my photography and my description of our day to day travels. I hope that you will enjoy following me and I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts and chatting with you about it all.https://wordpress.com/page/photography17782166.wordpress.com/18 www.shutterdudette.com

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