November 19th, 2018


LOS CABOS DAY 1 (51)LOS CABOS DAY 1 (45)Heading out to Mexico

Well it’s been a long few months waiting to get back on the road and to travel again.  Since our last visit to Los Cabos in Mexico to attend our nephew and nieces’ wedding we have been plagued with a few medical ailments that have had us both in the hospital; undergoing MRI’s and many other tests.  Earl has undergone a  successful stint implant (after discovering a 99% blockage in his artery).  I have been hospitalized for pancreatitis; been keeping a close eye on a growing ovarian cyst (which is now the size of lemon but benign I’m happy to say; and also watching a breast growth and hoping to keep all this under control.  So you can see why we are anxious to get our travelling well on it’s way again.

We will be boarding our plane leaving Pearson International Airport early Thursday morning heading back to Los Cabos where we are looking forward to birding excursions, some ocean front time and lots and lots of sun.  The resort is near a quaint little Mexican town along that corridor and I hope to get a chance to take pictures of the people and their culture.  This little town rest in the valley between a mountain and the ocean.  Just beautiful.

So this is just to let you all know of our upcoming adventures and to keep you eyes open for our blog.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

July 30th, 2018 – A morning visit to Rock Glen and Rock Glen Family Resort

Today started out with a quick trip to the grocery store in Sarnia.  A group I follow on Facebook set our Weekly Theme Challenges for their member and this week’s challenge is “Mailboxes” so I had Earl (and myself of course) on the look our for something a little original.  Well we succeeded I believe.  The last image was of my husband Earl of course clowning around with me at my request…..suggesting that when we live in an RV he might be the mailbox we use. LOL


July 19th, 2018 – It was a hiking, laughing, happy kind of day today.

Earl and I had a chance on this beautiful sunny day to hike up along Arkona Road toward to upcoming highway.  We took Casey and Finnigan (our trusting four legged family members) who love to take their daily walks to sniff out smells and see new things of interest – especially squirrels and birds every day.

I brought along the camera in hope of finding something that would be interesting enough to take a picture.  When I have a camera in hand – everything I see becomes a po


ssible and likely subject for my next photograph so that was not a problem on this day.

Take a quick look at the following images and see what you think.

July 28th, 2018 – Earl taking a walk along the Rock Glen Trail

I sent Earl out to scout for me today and let me know if the trail was too difficult or maybe comfortable instead to attempt later on this week.  The trails are definitely nice but the stairs going down into the Gorge and then the stairs coming back out of the gorge are numerous, steep and difficult.  Good exercise indeed but not for those who can’t handle a vigorous workout.

He did take a few very nice pictures along the way and the stairs you see are just one way. LOL

Well this is it for today guys.  Have a good day/evening whichever it may be.

July 27th, 2018 – This day goes to the birds

The Hummingbirds

There is a ruby throat hummingbird and a second one I am not sure if it is a juvenile or a different kind but I will find out for sure.  They are so fascinating to photograph and I love watching what these tiniest of birds can do and the behaviours that they demonstrate to me throughout the day.

The next series of birds is a little more dark in nature.  Earl and I came across a sky with over 50 vultures flying and circling about a farm or two in the area.  While trying to photograph them a huge Bald Eagle came flying and swooping – first in front of our car, then beside the outside of the passenger side of the care and when I got out to take his picture he was no more than 10 feet away from me.  True to my nature I had the wrong lens on my camera and missed it altogether. LOL  But the memory will always be imprinted in my mind.

Along the side road just ahead the vultures were settling in comfortably on some fences and lines close to the bard they were circling.  We got a few shot and did the best with the light that we had given us.


Also on this morning we saw a red tail hawk flying over us and I challenged Earl to try and take his picture in flight.  Well he rose to the occasion and we both compared notes after we got home.  Do not let anyone tell you that photographing birds and wildlife isn’t a hobby to encourage keeping fit.  It does indeed as we chase and follow the animals wherever they chose to have them follow them until we finally get our picture. LOL    We certainly do stay in shape in this manner.


Well now you have followed us on our escapades of our morning.  I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great day or evening my friends.

July 26th, 2018 – A little Creepier today

Something you might not have learned about me yet is that I love to photograph insects and critters of all kinds.  Sometimes the smaller the better.  On this particular day it was raining cats and dogs and the only thing I found to take pictures of was of no longer alive horse fly.  I managed to prop him up long enough to get these few photos of him but it does look really gross because if you look closely you can already see the decaying of the tissue.  Believe me had it not been raining, lightening and thundering I would have gone for look for live bees, dragonlies, locuses, etc…..I think you get my drift. LOL

So this is what I accomplished on this day.  I am hoping the sun will be out tomorrow and I can take a long hike and explore the area a little more.

Have a good day or night whichever it might be.